Matric Portfolios

The Matric students serve on various leadership portfolios which are responsible for running events and activities during the school year.

Spirit Portfolio

The objective of the Spirit Portfolio is to instill school spirit in the girls. They do this by encouraging the girls to wear the Springfield uniform with pride, and set an example by attending sports matches and other school events such as cultural functions.

The Spirit portfolio works at maintaining unity within the school, encouraging girls from all grades to attend school events and show support for all those representing Springfield in their sporting and cultural endeavours.

Student Care Portfolio

The Student Care Portfolio strives to help the school community where support is needed, for example, helping new and exchange students to adjust to their environment. In addition, they assist in fundraising drives and awareness programmes to raise consciousness about these initiatives. This portfolio also works with the tuckshop staff and organises lost property.

Outreach Portfolio

The Outreach portfolio initiates and co-ordinates projects which serve the broader community in uplifting underprivileged individuals and organisations. It includes the Interact Club which is affiliated to Wynberg Rotary and the Rotaract Club of Wynberg. Projects such as SMILE, HELP as well as the many opportunities organized by the Outreach portfolio on an ad hoc basis provide opportunities for Springfield girls to get involved in Outreach in the broader community. Serving the underprivileged in the best possible way, suited to the strengths and passions of the girls, is the goal of this portfolio whilst striving to maintain our proud ethos.

Sport Portfolio

The captains of the various school sports serve on this portfolio. They are responsible for organising and co-ordinating sporting events in the school.

Eco Portfolio

The role of the Eco Portfolio is to encourage awareness within the school community with regard to sustainable use of resources such as water and energy, as well as conservation of the biodiversity around us. This is done through projects such as Energy and Water audits, and trying to limit the generation of waste by reducing and recycling as much as possible.

Cultural Portfolio

The Cultural Portfolio aims to create a platform for girls to express themselves creatively, develop their talents and enjoy cultural activities. Cultural clubs and societies at Springfield include Choir, Culture Club, Debating, French Society, Glee Club, Marimbas, Orchestra, Ubuntu Society and many more. The portfolio also organises exciting events like the MADD evening, Culture Day, the Oscars and Cultural Week.